Monday, September 20, 2010

Wet Week

- This was a wet weekend, not only was it pouring but we had 3 baptisms! I'll explain up to them in a second. This past tuesday, was super stressful, we got a couple married that was living together. Jose and Cindy, me and my companion even got to be the witnesses to the marriage ha it was a really cool experience. We have been working with this family since the weekend that i got here and now things were on track for this weekend.

- one evening for dinner, we shared a dinner message with the family that we were with, and what we didn't realize that the lady eating with us who was sister crows sister-in-law, wasn't a member. SO we share something from preach my gospel and do a little role-play. We asked sister crow to invite her sister in law "rhona" (is her name, their from new zealand), to do something. It could be read the book of mormon, come to church, anything. We explained that in order to gain a testimony and grow our faith, we must ACT. As we act and show heavenly father we WANT to know these things, then we receive our testimony or witness. Anyway, they do this little role-play as we watch. It was such an awesome experience becaause what started out as a little "pretend role play" turned into something real, a real missionary moment. And sister crow just bore a sweet testimony of the book of mormon and even started crying saying "rhona i wish i had shared this with you earlier", she got so into it and the spirit was so strong! It was just a cool thing to see how the lord works in mysterious ways. Puertas and i were all ready to change the message that we were gonna share because we thought it might be weird to teach from preach my gospel to a non-member, but we stuck with it and it was so powerful! so now we are going over to her hosue this week again to eat with Rhona and follow up and see if she read :)

- Here's another cool story, we were teaching a family called the "payasos" which means clowns in spanish. They are actual clowns for their work, they dress up and go to parties and stuff hahah. But they are so awesome and their two little girls give me all sorts of art work that they make so they are awesome ha. We went to teach them like a week and a half ago but they were like oh we're moving we'll get in touch with you later. So puertas and i are like great, we may not ever see her again. But she said she was moving over into the "flats" which is just an area in west salem. So on friday, we are driving through the flats and we have 1 hour to go knock doors. While we're driving puertas turns to me and is like "edwards, pray that we find the payasos" so i'm like okay and i said a prayer right there. Then i try and give him directions just trying to be led by the holy ghost, and then he stops and we get out. I was like bro i think we should go up there, and he's like nah let's go here, so i follow him over to this apartment complex that we've knocked like 4 times. There are a bunch of kids playing in the middle, it's shaped like a "U" with a play ground in them iddle. So we are talking with the kids and a couple that was sitting outside when all of a sudden, i turn to the right and see martha and jaquelin (the payaso girls) playing. And i do like a double take and just say NO WAY! They were playing right in front of their new house and so we found it, (with heavenly father's help of course)!! it was soo crazy like the first place we go it was where they live. What an answer to our prayer! That was soo cool.

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