Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally some pictures!

I got three questions from katie to answer this week:
1- At what moment have you been the most proud of yourself thus far in the field? Umm this one is harder to answer, but i feel like this past week was actually a proud experience. We did exchanges with the English elders and i went with the senior who has 15 months out. It was really cool though because he and i did puertas' and i's normal schedule so i was kind of the leader. I just felt way big cause i planned out the night, led all the discussions that we had, and got a referral from a random member that we didn't know before haha. I did all that talking and the teaching, and not only that but i got to decide more or less what weould teach and stuff like that. It was a really cool experience and even though it wasn't a hugely succesful night, it was a confidence booster that i know more about what i'm doing than i thought.
2) what it feels like as you go to knock a door? Okay so honestly i hate knocking doors, especially white people's doors. hahah i just feel so awkward and puertas makes me do every one just because i need the practice. For some reason, i cannot just be myself when i do it, i always feel like i'm trying to put on a face or something, i don't know, i need to just chill and relax when i do it. But, we don't knock every door we pass. We actually hardly ever go knock beacuse our days are pretty full. We go knock for a few minutes if appointments fall through though and we just walk along the street until we feel like we should go knock (or until it looks like someones home) and then puertas says "no tenga miedo" "don't be scared" and he makes me go do it haha as he slowly comes behind or talks to someone on the street. It's good though, just the other day we talked to a lady mowing her lawn after an appointment fell through and then she said sure come on by after we offered to finish mowing her lawn hahh.

3- Least favorite thing to do as a missionary? (plan at night, wake up 630, knock?) Ugh my least favorite thing? I hate getting up in the morning but we have been going for a walk every morning which helps us have something to look forward too haha, it helps us wake up too. But in all seriousness i think knocking doors might be my least favorite. Even though i think, "what's the worst that could happen" i just don't like it and i get nervous hahah. It feels unsuccesful too like there is more we could be doing.

Man there is so much to say, so many stories to tell! A kind of funny one is that we were gonig to an appointment witha spanish couple and on the way, i walked by a house with the blinds open and saw a guy with one leg in a wheel chair watching "night at the museum" hahah. SO i wave and keep walking. But as i walk away i hear a small voice saying ELDERS!. So i turn around and see him in the door. I'm thinkin "great who is this crazy old man with one leg and no teeth" But he starts talking to us like he knows us. I honestly had no idea who he was but he told us he was a convert adn that he goes to a different ward than ours. Then he told us, my friend is coming over right now and i'm giving him our mormon book (the book of mormon), and that he wants to go to church at your building tomorrow. SO we are like hey sweet and we gave him our number to give to his friend bill. Then Bill calls us that night and we set up a ride with him for church haha and then he and the wheel chair guy came with us to church and they loved it! it went so well and they were even participating in sunday school and priestrhood and stuff it was awesome.

Anyway, that was the cool stuff that happened this week. I read a cool story in the new testament this past week too. I have never really opened it up much, but this past week i just started reading it and it is soo awesome! i love reading about all the stuff christ did and how he taught and everything. The story i liked though is actually one of the last things he did. I was reading in John, i dond't remember which chapter. ANyway, Jesus was put up on the cross and one of his apostles were there along with his mother and mary magdalene. The last thing he says before he dies to his mom is, Mother behold thy son, and to his apostle he says, Son behold thy mother, and then he passes away. What seems very simple, really stood out to me. The last thing Jesus Christ did while he was on the earth was make sure that his mother was in good hands by leaving her in the care of one of his apostles or disciples. It just made me think of how important our mothers are and last night i shared this same story with a recent convert spanish family, and they loved it. It made me think of you mom though and i just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do for me even out here on my mission. Your support and love and uplifting messges that you send me, I can't thank you enough for everything you do. it makes me grateful for the our family too, and the relationship we have together between all of us. I have seen a lot of families out here that are just missing it, and it really is soo sad! I'm serious it breaks my heart to see families being torn apart and distant relationships between siblings and parents. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives, i know that that is the reason our family is so strong. It makes my responsibility even more sacred and special to know that i am in charge of giving that happiness to others. We are so blessed to have the gospel, it is the only way to have lasting happiness :) I love you guys so much! And thankyou for all the support and letters and love, it has been a real blessing. Be well, i pray for you everyday and night, know that our savior lives and that we have his same exact church on the earth today. It seems like a good thing to share huh? I love you guys!!!!

Katie's commentary: Love the pictures and Tra'vs progress. Just one thing. I always love to see what missionaries wear on P-day--the 1 day of the week that belongs to a missionary until 6pm. Usually the missionary wears their favorite jeans, shoes, belt, that hemp bracelete they brought, that puka shell necklace they saved, their hat, sun glasses, favorite skater shirt and jacket. Never fails ;0)


  1. K, this is excellent! Trav looks so happy and the pics from mission work and from p-day are just perfect! Thanks for keeping this up!

  2. I love all the pictures! You've gotten more in one week than we've gotten in a year from Ellen. Thanks for posting them. He looks so happy!