Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

So this week had a lot of downs but had a happy ending! :) Last monday we went on splits and it was a blast! Ready for was my first day in my whole mission that i was on a bike all day! Haa i feel like such a sheltered missionary! It was such a blast though. I had to get used to the extremely uncomfortable seat that by the end of the day felt like i was sitting on a pointy rock, but we talked with sooo many people and just had so much fun. We just went into down town in the morning and literally there were people everywhere! I felt like prophets and missionaries of old going around preaching to groups of people hahah, calling them unto repentance. We were outside some little coffee shop and there were like 7 people smoking, we went and talked to EACH one and they were all sitting right next to each other. By the time we got to the last person they had heard what we do as missionaries about...7 times and still we got a return appointment with one of them haha it was pretty funny. My goal was to make everyone i talked to laugh or smile, and it ended up working out pretty good. Even when someone rudely rejected, i know my intentions were good and that they are missing something really special.

The next few days were pretty rough though. Talk about missed appointments and flakey people left and right! We had jessica who has a baptismal date, and she was sick all week! We get so nervous because she never tells us what's going on so we can't tell if she's ignoring us or there's something up. Then we found out that a lot of the time, she can't meet with us because her sister, who she lives with, is kind of crazy and is a drug addict :( So while jessica is doing pretty good at staying away from the drugs sometimes, she can't do stuff with us because her sister monica who is paying for their house is just tripping out on something and she is creepy when she is using. I feel so sad for jessica's two little girls. But we tried to see her all week and had nothing. Then on friday we find carlos jr. or Bubba is what we call him, outside on his front porch eating taco bell. He is 10 and he is the son of a recently activated family who had a date for this past weekend. We see him (finally, it took us all week), and we go kick it with him on his porch and we talked about spongebob and he tells us about his halo game for a little while haha and then we talked to him about his baptism and it was sooo awesome because just talking about those little things in the beginning helped him open up a ton to us. And he got excited for his baptism too. So that was a huge blessiong and then we ended up seeing his mom and dad later too which was another huge blessing because it had been all week! We then planned a bbq for saturday with them and they said they would invite jessica. So all the happened, we get to the bbq and jessica and monica cAME! it was great, we brought the meat and had a carne asada bbq. It was sooo good! We talked to jessica too and she said she was sleeping over at kelly's (the recently activated member), so that she could go church in the morning (THANKYOU HEAVENLY FATHER!). So that ended up great. The week itself was prett slow. We are running around looking for spanish people still, man it's tough! We had hardly any new investigators this week which was kind of sad. It's almost next transfer too so i might be getting a new companion, i don't think i will but you nevver know. We are trying to plan ahead though so that next transfer we still have people to teach when it starts.

So last week, i found out that i was teaching at zone conference this friday the 29th. I'm super excited for it and me and elder Nelson, the missionary i'm teaching with, planned it all out this morning for studies and it went great! At the same time we are kind of nervous. Then on saturday, the branch president gives me a call and asks me to give a talk in sacrament meeting. So that was a little nerve wracking! And wihle i still had a day in advance to write it, it was more to think about. Also the AP's called and asked if me and two other elders would do a musical number at zone conference so we have started to practice that too hahah! There is so much going on, this will be a crazy week. It'll be cool too cause we will have the AP's come down and they are going on splits with us and another companionship for a day. They are pretty cool elders and i want to learn something from them.

So my talk went well yesterday, it was on service and well i'm a missionary so it wasn't tooo hard thinking of something to talk about. It was kind of sad though that the whole easter thing wasn't that emphasized in sacrament meeting. We just had one talk about Jesus Christ and then mine about service, so i tried to tie it in as best i could. We did have an awesome bbq afterward though and everybody, well almost everybody we were expecting came to church! WE had bubba and his family, jessica, and her sister monica came! Because bubba had his baptism planned for easter sunday. So they all came and brought their kids too who actually did pretty good i was impressed! They all came though and really enjoyed themselves. Monica was talking about how for some reason she felt like getting emotional, the whole time she was in church. We talked about how the holy ghost talks to us and how what she was feeling was a good thing, in fact, it was heavenly Father telling her it was the right thing, her being in church. So it was a good turn out and the bbq afterward was super fun. It was nice we had a lot of the branch members and it was good for the camachos becasue they are just getting back into things, and told us at the beginning that they wanted to make friends in the church so they could ditch some of their old ones that were bad influences. And jessica and monica met some new people too, it worked great all around!

Then afterward we had to go get ready for bubb'as baptism! Everything workied out how we had hoped and planned and it was just all coming together! wE HAVE been working hard all transfer and were seeing the benefits not in our own lives, but the lives of someone else. He was excited for his baptism too and so was his whole family. Oh i forgot to say too, when we got to their house on sunday morning to make sure everyone was ready for church, they all came out with brand new church clothes! it was awesome, they had new ties and white shirts with slacks and shoes. They looked soo good! But we got the baptism all set up and it was awesome to see their family so happy. You can see in the picture just how happy they were and jessica and monica came too and they loved it. By the end they were talking about how they wanted to be baptized next and it was awesome. We have a lot of work to do with them and one of them, monica, doesn't quite understand why we are baptized. She just wants to get dunked and then move on, so we got some work to do with her but we are looking forward to it and jessica was feeling really goood about it. I just remember looking up from the font though standing in the cold water with bubba in his white jumpsuit and seeing kelly and carlos, his mom and dad sitting there staring at their son with tears int heir eyes, soo happy! We just completed the family and so now their next goal can be the temple. It is soo cool beacuse the building where the font is, is right next to the temple and so we had a long talk about it afterward. So that's the next step for them!!! How awesome is that. It was the best easter sunday of all and bubba was pretty excited to be able to remember his baptism was on easter. Afterward we went over to their place and had a little easter egg hunt and then we left. We didn't have anyone signed up up for dinner so we just decided to work all day and then take dinner at 8:00 or 8:30ish to end the night. We were exhausted! It was such a crazy weekend and we had a spiritual high going all day yesterday hah. We meant to color eggs on saturday night but didn't have time with our nightly planning and working on some stuff for our zone, and then we were gonna do it sunday during lunch, dinner, or after dinner, but we ended up eating and just kickin it until we fell asleep haha. We were so drained!

This week is gonna be really good. We are hoping to see Jessica get baptized in the next 2 weeks and monica hopefully will follow. We also have another guy named carlos morales who is the most amazing guy ever. He is just living with his girlfriend who is an inactive member! It is the most frustrating thing to see when a non-member is more committed to living the gospel than a member of the church. His girlfriend drives us crazy and you can tell he gets frustrated with her. He basically has all the lessons memorized he knows them so well, and we left him some homework last week and he recapped everything in depth and told us how important it is that we get baptized just like Jesus Christ was. He wants it soo bad but just as before, his girlfriend doesn't want to get married. They have a kid together and Carlos is ready to tie the knot but she isn't doing it. We were having an awesome lesson with him on saturday, after we sang them a church song and played it on the ukulele. We talked abotu sacrifices we make for the blessings of the gospel and how abraham was gonna sacrifice his own son, and lehi and his family left their home, money, and precious things, all because the lord asked them too. Or job how he lost his family and essentially everything he had, but later they were all rewarded and their losses were made up for. Carlos was getting way into it and asked for all the scripture references so he could study them during the week when he goes to work in california (bummer). Then his gf gets home with her mom and just ruined the spirit there. We asked them, hey are you coming to church with carlos tomorrow and susanna, his gf, laughs and says "ha he says he'll come but last second something will come up and he won't make it". It was so frustrating for me i was going crazy. i wanted to scream. This girl who knows the church is true, is hurting her should be spouse, and is so discouraging. You could tell he was feeling awkward too and so we decided it would be best if we just said a prayer and left before we said anything innapropriate to her. She was just such a downer on everything and she is holding him back from so many blessings. Not to mention she's living in sin. Man sorry, but this carlos guy is amazing. I wish you could hear him speak and hear his testimony. He was talking about how his whole family is catholic and the sacrifices he has made for the gospel he was like well i was catholic, and then when i got my answer, i figured if God really told me, i better follow it, and so i told my family and they don't like it at all. The poor guy puts up with so much and yet his testimony is soo strong. Pretty soon, if nothing changes, we are just gonna hit him with a spiritual train, and invite him to move out. I love that guy.

I gotta run though the lady is leaving pretty soon. But man i loved hearing from you guys! It means everything to me that you write me every week and it really does make my day. Thanks again for the easter box, i think i've already eaten all the pringles, the mac cheese, and the little dehydrated fruit stuff (sooo good!). haha but i love you so much! have a good week this week and i can't wait to hear from you and tell you about how zone conference goes :)
Love Elder Edwards

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trav's Letter

What up family how are ya>?! This week had some major ups and downs as usual :) Last monday night we went on exchanges with some people in our zone. They are struggling a little bit to get their area going, so we were hoping to really tear it up while we were there. I got to go with Elder Kaumaitotoya (from fiji!) and we stayed in their area. It was a lot of finding and stuff and it was a little different doing english work, but still the same rush ahah that's for sure. They really are not as nice though i gotta admit. But we ended up going over to this lady named Lynn, and she was like oh man i have been waiting for you for so long! Apparently they talked to her last week but since then they've had no contact and she had been praying that we'd come back all week. So we go visit her and teach her a little bit more about the book of mormon and how it could help her in her current situation and then invited her to be baptized. She said yes!! She was like yea that's definitely what i want to do. It was soo awesome and it was cool to have that miracle on exchanges in an area that really needed it. I can't say i really did anything either, it was completely the Lord that prepared her for us to come that day and he was the one that touched her heart. It was such a spiritual lesson too, everybody was crying haha :) i guess that's not really funny, but it was really cool. We had a pretty good day and we foudn some potentials too that will hopefully spark something. THen we switched back at our dinner time. Like i was kind of saying before, I have been thinking a lot about righteous desires, and my will versus' the Lord's will. Elder K and i have been talkin about it and how our desires are 99% of the time righteous, good desires. Like baptizing Heavenly Father's children, of course that's a good thing, but i'm praying constantly that i can be humble enough to accept what the Lord would have for his children. It's hard to really take myself out of the picture and completely rely on His will. Especially now where i'm getting more confidence with my teaching andspanish and i find my self caught in my own pride sometimes and it's just bad news haha. I've been trying really hard to think and focus on what the Lord would want. It's just hard to discern sometimes between something that WE want, that's good, and something different that the Lord wants, that may not seem as "good" at the time, but in the long run is the absolute best thing. There is a cool scripture chain that puertas and i came up with that we were studying in our companionship now. I dont know if you're interested but the scriptures are mosiah 28:1-3 alma 17:11,16 alma 26:30 Alma 29:1-9 helaman 10:3-5 and 3 nephi 7:16-20, 24 I was thinking about my desire to baptize. Honestly, i want to be the best missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. I know that i have the potential, through the spirit, to change soo many lives. I feel like the Lord has blessed me with so much, talents and a testimony, for the sole purpose of bringing his children unto the Savior Jesus Christ and helping them accept his gospel. And yet, i find myself struggling to really help people change. I think in my head i have been so concerned about baptizing people, that it has almost desensitized me to loving them in the full capacity. That has been another thing i've prayed for, a greater capacity to love His children. But with the scripture chain, the sons of mosiah and alma DESIRED to go out and serve that they might be 'instruments' in the hands of the Lords that they might be the means of bringing SOME soul unto REPENTANCE. I think of their thought process and how they couldn't have gone out there just to baptize the most people amongst their brothers. It's not a competition. But they went out, hoping that they could bring some soul unto repentance. Their joy must have been so full with each convert they saw come unto Christ. And they probably didn't expect any success and yet they gave everything they had regardless because they couldn't bear that any human soul should perish. They understood the doctrine of christ so well and the atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ, that they couldn't bear that anyone should perish. I love that scripture. Then in helaman 10 it talks about how Nephi always sought the will of the Lord and that he would grant unto him his desires because he would never ask anything contrary to his will. Then in 3 nephi, we are to bring souls unto repentance, not just baptism. I think i had the 2 mixed up or backwards. We are helping people to repent through the savior Jesus Christ and ultimatly go live with Him again. And baptism is just one of those steps that is necessary in the repentance process. I felt like in my head, everything i did built up to baptism, when really baptism is just a fruit of repentance, that is necessary as Christ taught us. I don't know, sorry for the rambling, it makes more sense in my head haha but i gotta go. Sorry for the tangent haha! This week is gonna be really good. I just found out that i get to teach in front of a couple zones down here in the south or oregon on the 29th of this month. I'm teaching about revelation through church attendance and teaching that concept through the 5 lessons that we teach people. I'm pretty excited and kind of nervous but it'll be great. Elder K and I are still doing well together and i love him to death. I'm doing my best to be the missionary you all think I am. That's something president always stresses: "be the missionary your mom thinks you are". Me encanta esta obra y amo al senor. Se que la iglesia es verdadera y nuestro padre celestial nos da pruebas para fortalecernos. I love you guys so much and thank you for the support! I hope you have a good easter and will miss bein there with you. The church is true :) Love elder edwards

Monday, April 11, 2011

Loving It!

That is all and i was thinking of stuff for my easter box and i had something just the other day but i can't remember what it was. Another random thought too is that mother's day is coming up which is pretty cool cause i will get to talk to everybody! Pretty exciting stuff. So i'm trying to just pick the higlights by looking at my planner and stuff. I will be honest, that we are so busy all the time that it is hard to make time to write in my journal. Even normal times when i would have the time, like lunch, we cut down so that we could be working more. I don't know where to draw the line and say hey i'm gonna stay up a little later so i can write in my journal or just say hey i gotta be obedient and find other time to do it. We are already getting up at 6 too so it'll be hard to wake up earlier than that to do it ha! BUt Last monday i got to do something pretty cool. There's this guy named ben rodriguez or well he's a kid. He's 15 and has a brother who's 13. They are soo awesome and are actually pretty into the church. Their dad or rather, step dad, is less active though and hasn't been coming to church for a while and the thing is, that the boys aren't super pushy with they parents. If we invite them to come to church, then they say oh ill ask my mom, who's not a member either, and then they end up not coming. We have even just showed up at their house to pick th em up and they aren't home. It is seriously so frustrating. But last monday after p-day ended, we went to see ben and he is a big skateboarder. So we went over there and he was skating so we got out and i had those blue vans in the car because i play soccer in them for an activity that we have, and i got to skate with him for a little while haha it was pretty sweet! He's good too and it was jst a cool way to connect with an investigator that made it really personal to me and him. Then we had a little chat afterword abotu the book of mormon and stuff and he was like yeah i read the other day when you guys told me too, I even took notes of what i read on my phone because i figured you would ask me what i read haa! It was sooo awesome to hear, and this guy is only 15! He is the man though and we are trying now to meet with his step dad victor, because if we can get victor back to church then ben, alex, their little brother, and victor's wife will all be able to progress. It is sooo frustrating though that because this Victor guy, his kids have to be withheld from soo many blessings, from the truth! They even talked about it in conference how it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the doctrine of christ and how they will be accountable for that one day. There is a bomb scripture about it in D and C 68 maybe? i can't remember the reference but i wrote it down. I can't remember if i told you last week but Carlos camacho jr. came home! That was the less active's son who wanted to come back to church! he came home and we've been teaching him and he has a baptismal date for this upcoming sunday! We are so excited for him and he is a pretty cool kid. He's only 10 but has a really sweet spirit.
We also have been going on exchanges a lot. We have some more tonight. It's weird being in and out of our area so much and honestly time goes by so much faster it's really sad. I feel like everynight in the few moments i have before i pass out to sleep, i think of how precious this time is. I reflect on the day and ask myself if i really lived up to my potential. I feel like i keep telling myself i have all this potential but i want to finally REALIZE it! I was even reading my patriarchal blessing this morning and i just was thinking, honestly, my whole purpose for coming to this earth, is to do missionary work. I have been blessed with a number of talents and gifts and personality traits that are useful to me but are really given to me to be a succesful missionary! I am trying to remember that when we have a rough day like this past saturday. We literally had our who le day planned, with appointments and back up plans, everything. And i think just about every single one of them fell through. The only plan that stayed was a lesson with this guy named carlos morales. Who is amazing and i will tell you about him soon. It was a frustrating day though and it's just one of those times where you tell urself okay, heavenly Father is really testing me right now, how will i play it out? it's nice though because after those struggling days, i have reconfirmed my testimony that heavenly father gives you just enough to keep going haha! Because of that lesson we had saturday night with Carlos. He just said, well i want to be baptized and we asked him about him and his girlfriend and he said, "she didn't want to be married before but she and i have talked and we are currently making plans for our wedding". I'm serious, this guy is a superstar! He has the most contagious smile and has the strongest testimony. He was even being taught back in january with puertas here and his girlfriend just didn't want to get married, she is a member too. (FRUSTRATING! It's soo much worse when it is members that get in the way of the work too! but i'm being patient :)). So we are gonna help those plans move along.
We also are teaching Jessica and Monica. Monica is kind of crazy and they both used to do some major hard drugs and stuff but jessica is totally clean and has been for a month or 2 and monica is on and off. Jessica is soo solid though she has a date for the 24th now of this month because she couldn't come to church this past week. We are afraid that monica is bringing her down a little bit though. She is solid some days, and then others she will be really distracting when we are trying to teach. But we had a cool little bbq with the camachos (less actives who came back to church!! YESS) and with jessica her girls and monica and her kids. It was super fun and we talked to jessica then about all baptism and stuff. She was really apologetic for not being able to come to church and stuff and had a bunch of questions about her baptism and it was just great! We were bummed though sunday cause we were supposed to have 6 solid people show up at church and 10 if we were lucky, but only 1 showed! ahh man when we found out abotu each person taht couldn't come it was just like satan trying to get under our skin a little bit more. And ya know what, for a little bit, we were both pretty frustrated and it worked. But we snapped out of it, had an awesome sacrament meeting where it was all recent converts from the last 4 months that gave talks. It was so cute to see them with their little paper talks all folded up in their pockets. And i looked over at one of them who was sitting in the congregation with his kids while others were speaking and looks over at me smiling, with all of his fingers crossed and i smiled back and told him i crossed my toes for him too hah it was pretty funny! He did a great job with his whole family too. Ahh we tried to do a lot of finding this week which had its ups and downs. It was frustrating because there are all these apartment complexes aroudn here and we cover a huge territory, but we just have to find the spanish pockets. We get lucky sometimes but i wish they were all just hispanic haha we want to teach and are feeling more and mroe confident as we try to teach by the spirit and it's rough sometimes when we are out knocking doors for a while and we don't get to teach. I really do love teaching and i'm trying to study and focus more on improving that itself. Hey my time is almost up though and i want to send some pictures to you so, sorry this letter was kind of just a list of stuff but i am amazingly happy to be a missionary! Our zone is on the up and up and missionaries are happier and we are happy. There is this cool talk that we foudn by elder eyring that i wanted to send home the words to beacuse it is EPIC! seriously, i wish you could hear it with the music because it's awesome, so one day i will try and send it to you, but we listen to it just about everyday and it is sooo motivating and inspiring i love it! i love being a missionary, sometimes i feel like ammon when king lamoni asks him what he wants, and he says he desires to dwell amongst his people and serve them maybe even till the end of his days. This work makes me so happy and in my head i feel like there is a transformation taking place of how i see these people we talk to. They are children of our heavenly father. Sometimes i forget that and i have been praying for Christ Like love this week. I love you! and i miss you and hope your week is great! It was so fun to hear about everyone's fun festivities this past week, and i still can't believe zach just hit up j prom! what a boss! hAH i love you guys! love elder edwards

Monday, April 4, 2011

Always positive

This is Travis and Victor (Elder Camacho). When I first moved out to Sacramento, I would go out with the sister missionaries every Thursday. Victor was one of the guys that we taught and got baptized (along with his whole awesome family of like 10!). Me and Jimmy have hung out with them and gone to dinner and to all the Spanish ward activities when this family has gone. Victor is A STUD and I couldn’t believe it when he got called to Travis’ mission. So glad Trav got to see him!

To think that President Monson is just as much of a prophet as moses and nefi and moroni, it is such a miracle and blessing to have the restored gospel on the earth today. I wish i could take all the feelings that i got from just watching conference and stuff it inside the people that we are teaching so they could FEEL the truth of this church. Beyond any spiritual conversion, the talks and messages that were given, even warnings, made so much sense logically. At the same time i was thinking how important a testimony is. In priesthood session i think, president monson said, "if you haven't read the book of mormon, READ IT" and the holy ghost will testify to you of the truthfuillness of it. There were many warnings as well of how this world in which we live is not going to get better any time soon, and the importance of having a solid foundation of a testimony of the gospel to pull us through. I loved the messages from conference and can't wait for the ensign with all the talks inside. It was another renewal of my testimony that we have a living prophet to guide us back to our Heavenly Father's presence. Wow so this week was pretty crazy and a little stressful for me to say the least. I don't know if i handled it the best but nonetheless we move forward haha. Last monday night and tuesday we were in eugene at Zone leader council. That was pretty cool and intense and long haha. We were in President macdonalds living room for 5 hours talking about different aspects of the mission and what we need to do to lift our own zones. A point that he made in the beginning that i liked, was that we are called as zone leaders, not zone managers. I think it's easy for us to fall into the habit of 'managing' the missionaries and making sure they are doing all the "right things". Doing the right things are for managers, and while that's important, a leader's job is to do things right. He said if everyone in your zone loves you, then you're probably doing something wrong beacuse naturalyl there are missionaries who are disobedient or lazy and need correction. We have to play the bad guy sometimes but in an effort to lift not put down. It's like the lord chastiseth whom he loveth and i think it's a similar role that we have to take on. But it was a pretty inspiring message and we all left feeling great and excited to lift our missionaries and inspire them to be superstars and rockstars :) After ZL council we got back to our areas though and i said goodbye to puertas which was fun having him around again. We Found some new people to teach this week and actually had an awesome experience with this girl named jessica. So i think in my last letter we told you about the less active family that lost their son to social services. Their son is not a member and might be coming home this week so we are hopeful to teach them but also, that family gave us a referral with their friend Jessica. We went over to her place to teach her this week with the whole family (less active family's name is camacho). She was kind of nervous to meet with us but was really nice and has two cute little girls. But we started teaching and this lady has no religious background whatsoever, doesn't really know much about Christ or anything, and so it was awesome to start from the VERY beginning and really focus on the relationship that exists between her and Heavenly Father. It was awesome to see things clicking so easily for her and we could tell that the spirit was strong from the beginning. We talked about families and how importnatn they are to Heavenly Father. We got to the story of joseph smith and we were bearing testimony of him being a prophet and i can't even remember what we asked her but she just sat there and then tears just started flowing down her face! It was like the Spirit just flooded over her and she just wept! At the beginning of the lesson she said "her life sucks" and by the end, man did she have a different perspective we promised her blessings that she would be happier than she has ever been in her whole life by following the gospel of Jesus Christ and we invited her to be baptized on the 16th of this month. It was such an incredible lesson and the spirit was sooo strong i can't even tell you. It doesn't often happen this strong but when i got to bear my testimony i could feel the spirit working through me and i felt like my words were being carried to her heart. It was an awesome experience. She described her feelings as floating haha, like she was having an out of body experience almost but felt so good and hopeful like everything is going to be alright. It was great and now we are having a lesson tonight with her sister monica too. Miracles after miracles have been seen here in medford. We are trying to get these same miracles for the rest of our zone. our goal is to set a baptismal date on every exchange that we do. That's one thing that we have to do every week twice a week. We are going on exchanges tonight until tomorrow night and then on friday to saturday too. That'll be fun and new and a chance for us to work with the missionaries in our zone and hopefully get everyone pumped to be on the Lord's team. We also had to teach a combined district meeting for our zone this week. It took a ton of planning which was super stressful but we had a lot of prayer and felt really good as we were preparing and we knew that we were guided by the spirit. We were nervous because we only get the chance to teach once a transfer and wanted it to be epic haha! So we found this little talk by henry b eyring that has music to it, i want to put it on the computer and send it to you because it is amazing! It's all about missionaries and their calling how eternal lives depend on us and how the Lord has literally chosen us to our callings. I am gonna burn it to the computer so you guys can listen to it cause it's amazing! But we played that and talked about our goals that we had made and fasted for the previous sunday and how we have to do all things in our power to bring them to pass. Last transfer we may have been good but we didn't meet our inspired goals. So clearly there is something more to do. Elder K and I are waking up at 6:00 now to get an early start on the day and taking less time for lunch and stuff like that and are committed to finding at least one new investigator a day with some other stuff that we put on a list of stuff that we would do this transfer. We are so excited and are trying to do everything we can to pump everyone up. We also taught the doctrine of christ at district meeting and the importnace of LOVE. We had some sisters in our zone teach love and it was perfect. That talked about what motivates us and why "love" is the most importnat motivation, the most powerful rather. It was a great meeting and we think it took it's effect. The only thing that we struggle with is that, the missionaries that come to learn at those meetings, always leave having learned something, but the ones that don't, DON'T! It's like the gap widens between the missionaries that are already good and the ones that need help. But we are working on it. We'll see how things go the next few weeks. Conference went well yesterday, we had one investigator come for one of the sessions which was good and although he doesn't have a baptismal date, he is close, he just has to get married first (UGH!) But that'll happen soon. Unfortunatly this Family history center is closing so i have to go early but i love you guys soo much! Seriously i love hearing from you and look forward to your letters every week! The church is true and i know the President Monson is a Prophet today that leads and guides and shows us the way the our families can live together forever. Love elder edwards ps. you can send stuff to my actual address if you want now. i should be here for at least 3 months haha but it doesn't matter, wherever you want to send mail is fine. And i will not need new sheets, there are some on there already that are washed and everything. I can't believe mike and stephanie and genevieve had babies! that is crazy awesome! Also i'm glad your getting into your school mom with ur research paper and presentations man i bet you're tearing it up. And dad still sounds busy hah going to la and stuff, i'm not to far from there you know>? Thanks for the support and the encouraging words, they really do help me so much! Love you again!
oh and katie your boy elder camacho got all dressed up in white his first weekend in the mission ;) HE'S A DUNKER!