Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travis last Pday in the MTC

Hi everyone! so this might be a little shorter than normal cause it's my last p-day here in the MTC and i'm booked today! but i will still use the 30 mins of course. First i wanna say that i got my travel plans!!! im leaving tuesday the 24th at 5 in the morning. My first flight is at 8:36 a.m. (mountain west time) so ill ghave some time to hang out at the airport AND i will definitely get to call home! i have another flight at 11:25 a.m. (western time) from portland to eugene so there will be about 2 hours in between my first and second flight that i can also call. I need everyone's numbers, like Katie, and Daniel, and even daddy and zach, i can't remember them all. I don't know if i can call friends but if a 1800 number calls you, then just pick it up haha! So be ready for a call between noon your time and 2:00 okay? thanks everyone!So yeah i'm so excited to go! already the past few days have been tough to focus just cause we're all soo exicted! But we have so much to do this week so that helps us stay focused ha. I want to tell you guys that i have seen elder quinn like 500 times haha cause he lives on my same floor and has class on the same floor as well. Hes not in my zone or anything but we have the same gym time and we see each other every night for a while. it's been great to catch up with him and he seems to be doing amazing! I love the kid and it has been great to have him here.Questions from katie:1. tell us about your comps: Elder walker is from north carolina and went to N.c. state for a year at college. He is studying engineering. He loves football, he's pretty muscly, and also loves music. Hes a really good singer and loves playing guitar and things like that. He's really talented and we've been able to connect nicely. Elder nelson is a little bit different. He's a runner, and lives in provo utah. He was freshman of the year on the cross cournty team for the mountain west conference so he's pretty talented too ha and he knwos a bunch of people ariound here since he's basically at home haha. Elder nelson is very soft spoken and is more quiet, while elder walker is somewhat of the opposite. He;'ll say what hes thinking when hes' thinking it. 2 thing i've leanred from each companion: Umm i would have to say the number one thing is patience ha. I feel like i am racing everywhere i go haha and when we have three peoples needs to satisfy, it doesn't allow me to just go do my own thing whenevr. I have really tried to look for the good in others too because it's easy when your spending so much time with the same people, to get frustrated and annoyed, but i have found that drives away the spirit and doesn't help us in our work, or in our unity as a companionship. Those are probably the two main things. Other than that, they both know the book of mormon really well, like all the scriptures and stories and names and everything. At first i was kind of overwhelmed that they knew so much but now its become ahuge help.3. Thing i bring to the companionship: Hmm this one is hard. I think that in our companionship there at times is a lot of me, me ,me stuf goping on (myself included). But recently i've really tried to step out of that box and see a bigger picture and i think that has helped each of us to have a more selfless outlook. We're all pretty different, but i think im relatively personable and kind of bridge the gap between our personalities and that helps us get along nicely. 4. How many prayers are said a day: I say between 15 and 20 i think. It's funny how natural it becomes when you need something or your so grateful for something, you just bow your head and say a quick little prayer for help, or for thanks. It has really blessed me here in the mtc and i know that as i continue to rely on prayer and that realtionship with heavenly father, he will be more willing to bless me and rely on me as his servant, and friend. it was great hearing from each of the fam this week. I got letters from everyone which was so fun! It was cool hearing about erik's farewell in ct and austin getting excited to go to the mtc. It's great to hear about those guys, i can't wait for them to be here, this place is amazing! Also, i am hosting this week, so i'm gonna look for mike and try and be his host for the day which will be sweet. If anyone can find out and send me something today, about what time he is coming in, that would help me, otherwise, ill just look for him and try and snag him for my little "nuevo". It sounds like the ward keeps growing too. Mom said that there are a bunch of new families! I'm glad that 7-11 is up too, i could use a slurpee right now, hopefully theyll have them in eugene! I laughed pretty hard at the bat story and the rabies. It made me think way back to my birthday party where the same thing happened ha! Thats so cool that chloe helped find him. I know that was an answer to your prayer momma. i miss her too sleeping on the edge of my bed at night. I meant to mention something about the article that sponsored you! that soudns so great! if you can ever coopy it and send it to me, id love to read it! I can't believe adam lysenko and andy thompson are already coming home! thats nuts! I liked the meassage you left me mom about how your mission is made up of so many small and simple things that make it meaningful. Already i've noticed that here. It in the times where i feel so tired, or like i don't want to study, and then i'll just receive a little boost of energy or determination and i know that the lord is watching over us. And happy anniversary mom and dad! sorry i didn't remember that one (oops!). It soudns like everyone is doing so well! i can't believe school is coming soon too! Anyway i wanna tell you a little about my week. There was some good stuff taht happened. I spoke with that lady that i talked to last week in the RC for an hour. Her name is jacueline and we spoke two more times, (both for an hour!). SHe loves talking about church stuff and has so many questions. Me and my companions found a church near her and gave her the number of the bishop. She called him and said she was interested in attending and that she wanted to learn more. I called the mission office in rochester (where she lives) and they are getting missionaries over there pronto! I have loved talking to her and helping her. She has had a crazy life too.Thuis weeks trc went better with elder nelson too. He spoke a lot more and we had great unity when we were teaching the "investigator". I can't wait for those situations in the field!We had a really cool talk this week given by the branch presidents wife. It was only a few minutes long but something stuck out to me really powerfully! She was talking about a birthday party for her son and how she was struggling to make a pinata for him. She decided to say a prayer but then had second thoughts and said, "why would i pray over this, this is so stupid". but she said a prayer anyway. In this short prayer she distinctly had an imperssion come to her mind saying, "If it matters to you, then it matters to me". Wow what a profound statement. I just love this little quote because it makes everything so much more meaningful. Even the little things we do during the day. It all matters to Heavenly father beacuser he is in fact, our father that loves us so dearly! I just thought it was cool some other random things: i weighed myself, coming in at 166. I dont think i've gained anything? We watched "legacy on sunday night and it was hilarious haha it was just terrible acting but it was a good movie. And we have the coolest "native" friends. Tghey are in our zone and are jhust soo awesome. they are always trying to help us with spanish but then they ask us all these qwuestions about the book of mormon and how to teach the lessons! they are like our best friends here haha! well thats everything. SOrry it was kind of vague but i gotta run and do so much today! I love you all soe much and can't wait to hear from everyone again! I love this work and can't believe i'm gonig to oregon next week~! oh yeah and mom i will have to find a pic to send you for my placue, and the scripture i want to use i think will be alma 37:36-37. I think thats it, i dont have time to double check. but io love you !!!

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