Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Elder Edwards--Go change into your white clothes."

Dear Family and Friends,
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no letter this week from Travis due to the fact that he left for Oregon on Tues. Aug. 24. But we wanted to tell you about his first day.

The family got to talk with Travis while he was at the airport which was so great. Later in the day we had a message from Travis' mission president--President McDonald. He basically told us Travis was sent to North Salem, Oregon the most northern part of the mission. He said he got off the plane with a big smile on his face and then asked us to call him back. So I did and his wife basically told me the same information and that was it.

But then President McDonald called back and told us that Travis, specifically had a very unusual first day in the mission field. That when they got to the mission office that he was asked to go change into his white clothes. That he was going directly to a baptism in his new area and that he was going to perform it, in Spanish! (Thank goodness I hemmed those white pants at the hotel right before he went in to the MTC)

I am sure Travis was in the car memorizing that baptismal prayer in Spanish thinking what did I get myself into. President McDonald said that not many missionaries get a baptism on their first day!!! But Travis was excited and ready, at least on the outside. He must have been scared spit-less! He is going to be with a Latin trainer named Elder Puertas, and then with an Elder Jones for one day, who is finishing his mission in Salem, but who was an assistant to the President previously. He left today. I guess this Elder Jones thought it would be a cool experience to have this greeny do the baptism on his last day of his mission. What a dear, special missionary to let Travis have this experience on his very first day, and for that missionary to give him that opportunity when he so deserved it himself! We couldn't get over it last night when we heard.

So we look forward to hearing from Travis next Monday on his P-day, I am sure his first week in Oregon will be a real growing experience.Travis sounded very mature and focused and ready to get out in the field. It was a testimony to us of so many miracles that he has already experienced, one being the gift of tongues. We couldn't believe how fluent and natural he sounded as he shared his testimony in Spanish. And his brother and sister who know Spanish said it wasn't a rote memorized version but one that came from his heart and chosen words. They said he sounded amazing. We can see his growth already and now he will do great things in Oregon. We love his letters and hope you are enjoying them as much as we are. His mission president and his wife also have a blog of the mission which is:

Can't wait until next week!!
Jennifer and Morgan

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